Going Away for the Easter Holidays?

Everyone loves a holiday and planning and organising one can make it easy to overlook and forget where you are leaving to concentrate on where you are going!

The last thing you want to do whilst you are away is worry about home and what you have left behind, so here’s a little list of things to tick off before you go.


  • Consider whether you get a house-sitter or leave the property empty. House-sitters can be found through reputable websites, but always check their testimonials.  They are an excellent idea if you have pets and, because you don’t pay them a fee – much cheaper than a cattery or kennel.  If you do engage a House-Sitter remember to let your Property Manager know their name and contact details and the dates you will be away.  Also provide your Property Manager’s details to your house-sitter should anything go wrong.
  • Speak to your neighbours and let them know the dates you are away and provide them your contact details should they have any concerns. You may like to ask them to take out and bring in your bins too if they are collected whilst you are away.
  • Cancel any deliveries or services that you get on a regular basis – e.g. Newspapers, cleaners, food deliveries, etc. It may be best not to cancel your lawn mowing – but do advise your gardener and arrange how you will make payments while you are away.
  • Take photographic copies of all your important travel documents if you are going overseas and store them on your devices (preferably on the Cloud) in case you misplace them.
  • Think about the regular bills that you get and organise to get these online so that you can pay whilst you are away or make a payment before you go to ensure that none of your essential services are cut off whilst you are away. There would be nothing worse than walking back into a dark house with a very smelly fridge/freezer!
  • Tell your Property Manager – even if the house is going to be vacant.
  • Leave a key with a trusted friend or family member in case you lose your keys whilst away.
  • Clean out your fridge and freezer and throw out anything that will perish while you are away.
  • Bring in all your outdoor furniture or settings that could blow away or be damaged in a storm.
  • Turn off all electrical items at the plug (apart from the fridge and freeze) – this will help you save on electricity and also protect your items if there is an electrical surge.
  • Think about investing in a timer for a lamp in the house so that it appears you are home.
  • Before you leave check that you have sufficient stocks of any medications that you take and that you have all your emergency contacts uploaded into your phone in case you need them.

Have a wonderful break and enjoy your time with family, friends or just relaxing and getting some “me” time!