An Easter Egg hunt with a difference

There is nothing better than the whole family getting into an early Easter Sunday Easter Egg hunt.  But, hiding and finding eggs in the Australian heat can be more difficult than in some countries.  Eggs melt quickly and unless you freeze them overnight – they can be liquid eggs by the time everyone has woken up to find them.

So – here are some quick ideas for changing up your Easter Egg hunt – regardless of the weather!

  • Hide tokens that can be redeemed for eggs. Example: each Blue token provides you with two caramel eggs and each Red token rewards you with a Lindt bunny.
  • Have a list of games that the whole family can indulge in with prizes of Easter Eggs for the winner and however many runners up you want. Egg and spoon races, blind man’s bluff, 3-legged races, statues are all fun and easy games for kids of all ages.
  • Have a night Easter Egg hunt using torches. This is great fun for older children.
  • Arrange a space indoors that is clear of obstacles and have a blindfolded Easter Egg hunt. Each person can wear a little bell to help avoid collisions and participants can be helped with a “warm/cold/hot” indicator of how close they are to their prize.
  • Mark the eggs with each Child’s name so that they only collect those eggs that are meant for them. This helps in families where you have children of varying skill and capacity competing for eggs!

And what to do after the Easter Egg hunt?  How about something where you can settle back and eat your eggs whilst being entertained with an Easter themed movie?!

If you haven’t seen these- pop them on your Easter viewing list:

  • Irving Berlin’s Easter Parade – starring Judy Garland and Fred Astaire
  • Candy Chicks & Rock ‘n Roll – Voice-over by Russell Brandt
  • It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown
  • Rascal Rebel Peter Rabbit
  • The Rise of the Guardians – featuring an Easter Bunny and our own Hugh Jackman and Isla Fischer
  • The Easter Egg Adventure – Voice-over by Brooke Shields

But after that chocolate feast – the trick will be to tire out your children with plenty of exercise to help counteract the effect of all that extra sugar!  So take to the garden for some backyard cricket, a swim or kicking a ball…. 

Everything in moderation!